Starter Kits

Because we know how busy sympathy work can make you…we want to simplify your workflow. Therefore, our Large Starter Kit and Alphabet Script Kit make it easy to organize and use our script.

Relatives Script Starter Package

Everything you need to start using our product.

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The Large Starter Kit includes 26 sheets of the most popular large sympathy words along with plenty of matching individual upper and lower case letters to get you started. We also include 5 sheets of small script words for use on casket lids and other small sympathy offerings.

To organize your script and make it easy to find words and protect your investment, in the LARGE Starter Kit we include FREE:

  • Metal filing tub
  • 37 file guides
  • Printed name labels

No more curled up script or script torn in half.

The LARGE Script words fit ribbons sizes #9, #16, #40 and up.
The SMALL Script words fit ribbon sizes #3 and #5.

The Alphabet Script Starter Kit includes all 26 letters of the alphabet in both upper and lower cases. We provide you with a FREE A-Z filing system which also goes into the filing tub for fast and easy organization.

Relatives Script Lettering has been in business since 1991. We offer the finest, beautiful gold sympathy script in the floral industry. Professional florists prefer our Plumage Gold funeral lettering over all the rest.

No longer will you have to struggle with those old "glue-on" words that never stick to your know, the kind which require ugly staples to keep the words in place.

Relatives Script Lettering gives a professional, elegant look to compliment your flowers and tastefully fulfills the customer's wishes.

How Does This Work?
Homecoming Example

Homecoming Lettering


New from Relatives Script Lettering

Easy to apply vertical Homecoming Decals


  1. No positioning of individual letters
  2. All letters are straight and evenly spaced
  3. Tremendous time and labor savings
  4. Universal gold and silver sparkle material

Easy to Apply

  1. Peel off back to reveal the adhesive
  2. Position on the ribbon (sizes 9, 16 & 40)
  3. Apply and rub to insure good contact
  4. Peel off the top release paper slowly
  5. You are finished and ready to use

HOMECOMING is actually one complete strip (Length 16½ “)

Colors: Gold or Silver

Plumage Gold Color
Word of Faith Sheet in Plumage Gold

Plumage Gold is the preferred color for script lettering.

Special Word Order
Word of Faith Sheet in Plumage Gold

Special Word Orders can be accommodated.