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    How Does This Work?
    Homecoming Example

    Homecoming Lettering


    New from Relatives Script Lettering

    Easy to apply vertical Homecoming Decals


    1. No positioning of individual letters
    2. All letters are straight and evenly spaced
    3. Tremendous time and labor savings
    4. Universal gold and silver sparkle material

    Easy to Apply

    1. Peel off back to reveal the adhesive
    2. Position on the ribbon (sizes 9, 16 & 40)
    3. Apply and rub to insure good contact
    4. Peel off the top release paper slowly
    5. You are finished and ready to use

    HOMECOMING is actually one complete strip (Length 16½ “)

    Colors: Gold or Silver

    Plumage Gold Color
    Word of Faith Sheet in Plumage Gold

    Plumage Gold is the preferred color for script lettering.

    Special Word Order
    Word of Faith Sheet in Plumage Gold

    Special Word Orders can be accommodated.